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Did you know? Teams of firefighters work together as a family for 24 hours, or more, at a time. Throughout the shift, their #1 priority is to be READY TO RESPOND. Whether they are sleeping, taking a shower, or buying groceries, firefighters are prepared to drop what they are doing anytime, anywhere.
For this reason, you may see an engine, truck, or ambulance at the grocery store, local restaurant, hardware store, or other retail establishment. Since eating at restaurants every day is cost prohibitive for firefighters, they choose to pool their PERSONAL money together each morning to buy groceries and cook their meals at the firehouse. If you've ever been at the grocery store when a call comes in, you've probably witnessed the firefighters stash the cart behind the deli counter, in the dairy cooler, or under the supervision of the butcher, asking, "will you please keep this to the side, we'll be back as soon as we can."
There are several benefits to shopping around town. Children may get an impromptu tour of the engine, crews are able to interact with the public, and the crews support local businesses. Local firefighters contribute Thousands of Dollars per year of personal money to local grocery establishments. Additionally, there are plenty of times where the grocery store was closer to the scene of an emergency than the fire station. Since the entire crew shops together, they are READY TO RESPOND together with all the life-saving tools and equipment you'd expect!
We hope that you have time to stop and say hi to your firefighters next time you see them, whether it be at the grocery store, a little league game, or the next parade. All too often, interaction with the public is limited to emergencies. As much as firefighters enjoy being there to help, it sure is nice to meet people under positive circumstances. Never hesitate to drop by the station to say hi. We love visitors!
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IAFF local 2498

Who are the York County, James City County, City of Poquoson, City of Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters?

IAFF local 2498 is a local union representing career professional Fire Fighters, EMS (EMT, Paramedics), and dispatchers.

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